Who we are

Thymos Business & Consulting offers corporate finance services by carrying out business, industrial and financial strategy consulting.

The company was founded in 2009 by Fabio Tesei and Marinella Latteri:  in fact, after the 2008 credit crisis, they wanted to provide a corporate finance service combining finance with the soul of an industrial project.

Thymos targeted entrepreneurs who, during a difficult historical period, had to face a worsening situation which was already problematic for Italian companies.

Thanks to the founders and partners’ entrepreneurial and financial background, Thymos renewed itself and evolved to keep pace with a continuously changing economic environment. This enabled it to be a corporate finance company which could provide its customers with the impetus and strength to act promptly in any situation.


Fabio Tesei
President. Thymos Co-founder.

After more than 30 years as a manager/entrepreneur in the Italian small and medium enterprise scene his entrepreneurial experience was enriched by becoming a corporate finance founder/director in 2004.

Marinella Latteri
CEO. Thymos Co-founder.

She has more than 15 years’ experience in corporate finance particularly in the stock market listing field. She recently leveraged her previous experience to get closer to the business world, and obtained managerial/entrepreneurial assignments.


Sebastiano Signò

Sebastiano has worked for several years for Merchant Banks and Corporate Finance Companies as M&A advisor, performing Business planning analysis and leading several
IPO process, taking advantage of his legal
and financial background.
Today, he manage the commercial
strategy of Thymos.

Marina MagrĂŹ

She worked for one of the main foreign banks in Corporate Finance, Project Financing and Export Finance and has held managerial roles within the company. Many years of experience as a consultant specializing in the organization and restructuring of debt (oil and gas, construction, furniture) and M&A and business planning. She is an accountant and auditor.

Nicolò Muzzana
Valeria Tomao

A group of professionals with multi sectoral skills completes the team


To meet the entrepreneurs’ needs, Thymos has built a team of professionals and relies on a network of partners:

Talent wins games,
but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
(Michael Jordan)