Business relaunch

It’s always the right time for a business relaunch. Competitive advantages are not permanent and strategic development plans still need external expertise.

Thymos is a strategic-financial player driven and ready to meet the entrepreneurs needs, and it does this by introducing a new culture into the company’s business model,

For the business relaunch, Thymos provides the tools to manage the company with expertise and in full awareness so that it becomes trustworthy for stakeholders, for those who work in it and those in its periphery.

The entrepreneur gets a planned sustainable business relaunch strategy, thanks to Thymos’ operational management.

In the current economic crisis, Thymos aids entrepreneurs who plan to return to the market as leaders. It does this by transforming business restructuring, such as debt covering, into a business opportunity.

From the overall analysis of the business situation, Thymos identifies the critical issues, preparing the best solutions: extrajudicial agreements, Italian insolvency proceedings, personnel reductions, business model redefinition, strategic agreements, M&A transactions and research for industrial and/or financial partners. The entrepreneur receives a strategic and management consultancy.

What we offer

Experience and expertise in corporate turnaround management.
Timeliness in defining the path to be taken.
Professional partnerships supporting the company restructuring.
Corporate finance solutions.